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Goa Startup Policy 2021 | If you are a DPIIT recognized Startup, you can directly apply for all the schemes under Goa Startup policy 2021 by logging in from Startup India Login

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Policy Vision

To make Goa one of the most preferred start-up destination of India, and make it feature in the top 25 start-up destinations in Asia by 2025.


To make Goa an aspirational geographical and human resources base for high value start-ups.

To invite the best entrepreneurial minds to make Goa their professional base, and thereby build a robust start-up eco-system in the state.

To provide assistance to the Goan entrepreneurs and local start-ups.

To endeavour to create at least 100 successful start-ups in Goa in the next 5 years, targeting generation of employment for atleast 5000 Goans.

Start-up means an entity meeting the following criterion:

1. Up to ten years from the date of incorporation / registration in the State of Goa and/or operating in the State of Goa.

2. With annual turnover not exceeding INR 100 crore in any of the preceding financial years.

3. Incorporated as a Private Limited Company, a Registered Partnership Firm or a Limited Liability Partnership.

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